Digital Media Services at Planetcast International Pte Ltd are provided via Satellites, Internet and over the cloud. Planetcast International Pte Ltd offers exceptional quality, reliable services which are being used by premier media houses of the region across various domains and regions.

Teleport (Uplinking, Downlinking and Turn Around)

Planetcast International Pte Ltd offers superior quality and reliable content delivery solutions with state of the art Teleport Services. The Teleport facility is located in New Tech Park in Singapore. Planetcast International Pte Ltd offers high availability services along with classical uplinking from various teleport facilities in Singapore with the help of high degree redundancy and fail-safe mechanisms. Furthermore, Planetcast International Pte Ltd provides end-to-end solutions including Uplink, Downlink, Turnaround and Playout services from our advanced, fully automated and redundant teleport facilities.

Having the most advanced HD, SD and UHD digital technologies; our dish farm have comprehensive worldwide coverage. Planetcast International Pte Ltd Teleport solutions are designed to meet the mission-critical requirements of every media customer with state of the art traditional teleport to flyaway and transportable uplink and downlink systems.

In addition to this, we provide services in SCPC as well as MCPC platforms for SD and HD channels with MPEG-2 / MPEG-4 compressions and DVB-S / DVB-S2 / S3 modulations. The facility is capable of Uplinking channels on all premier satellites like ASIASAT, MEASAT, INSAT, INTELSAT series amongst others from Singapore.

Last but not least, Planetcast International Pte Ltd has the distinction of uplinking for quality broadcasting purpose over a very large number of Television channels.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional Service delivery
  • The convenience of studio, post-production, playout and uplinking all from a single point.
  • In-house content monetization platform to further monetize the content apart from a linear television channel.
  • Video connectivity with on-site PoP of all the major telecos & CDN providers.
  • Wide range of additional options with seamless adaption/expansion capabilities.

Streaming Services

Planetcast International Pte Ltd provides studio-grade streaming services to audiences of any size globally. Our streaming services are designed to support multiple video streaming platforms and multiple devices.At Planetcast International Pte Ltd, we provide the best in class media solution to streamline your content. We assist in managing content and distribution workflow. In addition to this, we have the expertise to broadcast content live to the desired audience all around the world.

Live streaming services are available on multiple platforms where you can stream/webcast your events live all around the globe. Also, we make sure that the streaming is done in high quality for a flawless experience.

In this Digital Age, you can reach millions of people worldwide in real time on the Internet. So, if you want to harvest a wide range of benefits of streaming your content then connect with us and reach a wide base of audience all around the globe.Our Streaming solution is designed to reduce the complexity of cross-platform content delivery. With our streaming services, we make sure that your business stays future proof in this ever-changing technology environment.

Our state of the art infrastructure will help in managing all aspects of streaming. With our highly advanced services, you can easily stream live or recorded video to your browser or mobile application.

We offer highly flexible and cost-effective solutions for all your streaming needs. Our streaming services are loaded with numerous features and customisation options.

Key Features :

  • Studio-grade streaming services anytime, anywhere.
  • Reach audiences of any size across all media platform
  • Innovative and streamlined Webcasting solutions
  • Cost effective and Reliable
  • Fully Managed Services

Cloud Broadcasting

The evolution of market dynamics of global content access has paved the way for a cloud-based content delivery model. With cloud technology enterprises are offering limitless globally coordinated operations. We at Planetcast International Pte Ltd understand this shift and offer state of the art cloud broadcasting services worldwide.

Planetcast International Pte Ltd provides broadcasters with a new way to bring TV signals from play-out locations to head-ends via the cloud. In addition to this, we provide secure transit over the cloud. The content is distributed with complete security in various forms and formats.

Furthermore, Planetcast International Pte Ltd offers innovative and unique solutions to bring out TV signals in either DVB-ASI or MPEG-TS over IP. Our cloud broadcasting services are designed to help broadcasters improve customer experience and create a more personalised relationship with the customer. Our Cloud-based solutions have opened a way for experimentation and drive innovation with low-cost risk.

Key Features :

  • Efficient Management of Operations
  • Scalability
  • Faster delivery of content
  • Gaining insights into consumer behavioural patterns.
  • Service development and improved customer experience.