Planetcast International Pte Ltd offers best in class media technology setups and operations with customised offerings ranging from consulting, designing, managing, staffing, training, outsourcing and much more.

Planetcast International Pte Ltd specialises in transforming a site from the bare shell to state of the art broadcast centre. In addition to this, we engage in all aspects ranging from planning, system designing, integration, installation, testing, commissioning and final delivery of the project.

Furthermore, we also assist with supplying adequate training to the manpower and post-completion services. At Planetcast International Pte Ltd, we ensure to deliver high-quality services in a timely manner for an unmatched client experience.

Our deep-rooted relationship with equipment manufacturers combined with our cutting edge technology gives us an edge to provide best in class technology solutions for our customers.

DR & Business Continuity Solutions

Data Security is an integral part of any business. Enterprises must have a recovery plan to prevent data loss in case of a disaster either manmade or natural. Planetcast International Pte Ltd offers Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions to ensure business continuity in case of a disaster.

Our Solutions will completely recover your entire business infrastructure and resume operations. With our best in class services, we prevent any kind of loss of revenue and reputation. Our comprehensive back up systems will keep your data safe at all times.

Our approach :

  • Maintaining a mirrored play out system at a remote location.
  • A parallel uplink facility in case of an emergency.

Our facility is well equipped for providing the following services :

  • Reliable & Stable mirrored play out signal.
  • High content Security
  • Availability of seamless transition to Mirrored playout.
  • Premium automation system with built-in features for providing consistency with the primary playout channel.
  • Cost-effective off-site, lower operational expense (reducing space and energy & other operational expenses).
  • Facilitates Seamless integration with most of the globally known automation system, graphics system, headed equipment eliminating the need for a separate process to bridge operations between the main site and backup.
  • A mix of main and backup channels in one site for diverse and resilient disaster recovery.
  • In house expertise, managing & monitoring mirrored playout with a low-cost solution.
  • Parallel uplinking to various satellites.