Over the Top is the delivery of content


OTT Services Overview

Today’s world believes in the “internet of things” for almost everything, and it is more so when it comes to professional media streaming and entertainment options. From searching for the content of their choice to streaming videos on their favourite devices, users want broadcasters to satisfy all their needs. With rich experience and technology-driven OTT services in Singapore or Over the Top services in Singapore, Adore is here to take care of all your OTT platform related needs.


Make OTT video delivery simpler with Adore’s OTT Solution


Adore is a leading OTT solution provider in Singapore with a range of multi screen OTT services on its deck. With our best in class OTT solution in Singapore, you can seamlessly launch your OTT channel and deliver OTT streaming with flexible monetisation options.


As a renowned OTT service provider in Singapore, we empower you to create applications for multiple devices. Let your viewers access live streaming as well as shows after they get aired later on their device with Adore’s full-featured cloud based OTT services.


  • Launch a full-fledged OTT platforms with our cloud based OTT solution
  • Leverage full range of services such as transcoding, content management, video management, content delivery network, etc.
  • Take advantage of a fully managed OTT solution as you opt for our OTT media services
  • Get flexible monetisation options with our OTT media solution
  • Make the most of transaction and subscription packages 

Flexible OTT Monetisation

Open a new revenue source as you monetise your OTT channel. Being one of the best OTT service providers in Singapore, Adore can help you monetise content at low risk in a cost-effective manner. Furthermore, the video media landscape is getting completely reshaped with advanced OTT services. This shift in consumer behaviour has led over the top video providers to exploit best opportunities to attract customers and increase ROI.

We at Adore understand this radical shift in the consumption of video content and content delivery network. We provide state of the art OTT services which will enable maximum consumer engagement and thereby maximising ROI for your business. Moreover, we understand the consumer consumption patterns and technological advancements, which will add extra revenue for broadcasters. Furthermore, as a new-age OTT streaming service provider, Adore helps you create ever-evolving products and collaborate with the right partners to maximise revenue and attract more customers.