Live Streaming Services

Live streaming starts at the camera! Adore’s live streaming services in Singapore help you instantly deliver to your audience what was just captured in your camera. Live Streaming of Events and news developments are bound to attract more people! Boost your reach as you Live Stream Events and Sports to your audience directly on their favourite devices using our industry standard live streaming solution.

In this digital age, you can connect with millions of people online in real-time through streaming services. Adore’s live streaming solution offers you the opportunity to reach a wide base of audience with your video content. From enabling you to streaming events to making it easy for content monetisation, our best in class live streaming solution is here to take care of all your live streaming needs.
Leverage New OTT Platform’s Secure live streaming solutions and offer your viewers a seamless streaming experience.

With our affordable and easy-to-use live streaming solution, you can live stream corporate events, sports, news, conferences, seminars, etc. instantly.

From being able to stream television feeds and camera-based feeds to mobile and laptop streaming, our live streaming solution supports all supplies.

Adore’s advanced and innovative Video streaming solutions will ensure your business stays future-proof in this ever-changing technology ecosystem. Adore’s live streaming services in Singapore are always updated with the evolution of technology in today’s Media landscape.

Adore offers comprehensive live streaming solutions let you manage all aspects of streaming. In addition, we provide easy to use platform to stream live or recorded video to your browser or mobile application.

Features and benefits :

  • Studio-grade streaming services at cloud scale
  • Reach audiences of any size across all media platform
  • Innovative and streamlined Webcasting solutions
  • Cost-effective
  • Fully Managed Services


Being one of the best live streaming service providers in Singapore, Adore’s holistic streaming solutions can help you with managing content and distribution workflow. Also, Adore provides solutions for webcasting of events to audiences of any size, cloud streaming services, live TV streaming services, live event streaming services, and multi-camera live stream services.