Adore is a leading provider of satellite-based communications networks for military forces. Adore specialises in providing comprehensive media technology services and special purpose networks to Govt Sectors and Public Sector Units.

At Adore, we offer secure, highly reliable satellite-based networks for security forces, defence forces and other similar agencies. In addition to this, we provide government defence networks solutions.

Furthermore, we also assist in evolving mission-critical technologies. Our prime areas include defence operations, security, infrastructure monitoring and management, water resource management, smart cities applications and much more.

We also provide special purpose complex networks for media, IT and telecom services for remote areas and mobile SATCOM Networks.

Provided by Govt Sector/PSU


Digital Media Technonlogy Services

Adore offers world-class media technology infrastructure for operations with customised offerings ranging from consulting, designing, managing, staffing, training, outsourcing and much more.

Special Purpose Internet, SATCOM & Broadcast Networks

Adore provides special purpose networks using our highly advanced VSAT services. We provide special purpose networks for media, IT and Telecom services for remote locations and mobile SATCOM network.