Planetcast International Pte Ltd offers Digital Satelite News Gathering (DSNG) services to deliver uninterrupted live video on the move 24*7 from a moving vehicle. We offer solutions to cover live events like sports, news, entertainment and other special events in high quality.

At Planetcast International Pte Ltd, we maintain a large fleet of DSNG or OB vans which are equipped with highly advanced audio-video transmitters and receivers. These vans are used to bring footage from live events which require a moving camera.

Our DSNG/SNG solutions are suitable for news organisations to cover national emergencies, elections, Sports and other big live events. In addition to this, we use cutting edge technology along with our cloud services to deliver unmatched customer satisfaction, reach and seamless connectivity.


Provided by DSNG


Digital Media Distribution Services

The digital media distribution services are provided via Satellite, landlines/internet and on cloud.

Digital Media Technonlogy Services

Digital media technology servicesDigital media technology servicesDigital media technology services

Content Production & Acquisition Services

Production facilities, high performance 4K shooting floors with complete set up for short term, long term events, programming for creatives.

Content Management & Post Production

The platform ideally suited for Advertisers, geo-specific deliveries, personalized ad deliveries, the content owners & TV channels etc.

Cloud Based Content Management Services

The unique cloud platform technology provides the best offering in this part of world with its own cloud infrastructure including media content.

Outdoor Media Acquisition & Media/Live Event Coverage

We offer DSNG and Occasional services which are flexible, efficient and cost effective.