An overview of Adore’s Cloud Playout Solution


Adore’s full-featured and end-to-end Cloud Playout services offer channel staging capability as a service in Singapore. Our cloud playout solution includes content streaming, content management, playback, storage, scheduling and advertising.

What does Adore’s Cloud Playout platform do?


adore is a leading Cloud Playout solution provider in Singapore. Our efficient Cloud Playout platform delivers extensive channel playout services in HD, SD, and 4K. Our advanced transmission and cloud technology-backed tv playout can handle multiple channels with 24*7 supervision and technical support. We provide broadcasters and content aggregators with a comprehensive solution. The cloud playout solution covers all streaming aspects of broadcasting, our cloud-based playout services take care of almost everything you need to manage your broadcast.

What you can expect us to help you with?


Launch VOD Channels

Seamlessly launch Video-On-Demand library as a linear channel with our cloud-based broadcast solution. 


Localise and deliver content to a global network 

Broadcasting has various aspects and, it requires a whole lot of management exercise to complete the process. Easily manage multi-country television feeds with our remote playout management. 


Manage playout cycle

With our cloud-based services, you can keep a track on your entire playout cycle. 


Make broadcast operations more efficient

Handling multiple feeds is never an easy task! Our playout solution helps you make you improve the efficiency of your broadcast operations.

Why Adore’s cloud-based channel playout platform?


  • Fully cloud-based solution that utilizes all cloud benefits 
  • Scalable 
  • State of the art infrastructure
  • Cloud playout solution with a high degree of automation
  • Media Asset Management (MAM) solutions to monitor and manage your content
  • In-depth solutions to meet all technical necessities
  •  Fully-managed services
  • 24*7 operations to deliver high-quality services
  • Highly reliable, flexible and cost-effective services
  • Virtual multichannel programming distributor
  •  Pre-recorded and live content playout option
  •  Software-as-a-Service
  •  Full-scale playout solution
  •  Video processing and delivery
  • Ready for live and on-demand delivery on any number of platforms