Planetcast International Pte Ltd offers a unique cloud platform technology with its own cloud infrastructure which includes media storage, robust cloud architecture which encapsulates complete digital media ecosystem. At Planetcast International Pte Ltd, we cover all aspects of the digital media ecosystem right from acquisition, production management, curating/ post-production, content management, formatting/transcoding, distribution across a variety of devices for monetisation of all kinds of contents (viz. premium, professional, user-generated etc.).

Our advanced platform is suited for Advertisers, geo-specific deliveries, personalized ad deliveries, the content owners & TV channels etc.. In addition to this, our digital platform features comprehensive software packages including analytics, Financial & Tax packages for global transactions, Digital right Management, SLA management etc.

  • Cloud Storage & Library Services
  • Media Asset Management (MAM) on Cloud
  • Cloud Playout
Key Features include:
  • Remote content upload
  • Transcoding support for content uniformity
  • Media Asset visibility
  • Managed Autonomy to simplify creation of multiple playlists from any remote terminal
  • Automated Multi-Channel Playout driven by multiple playlists
  • Secure cloud-based delivery of transport stream to local distribution platform (point to point or point to multi-point configuration)

Upload & Transcode

  • Remote upload through mam interface
  • Possible to configure for auto upload from pre-defined folder
  • Preferred format for content upload mpeg standard and customized wrapper
  • Auto transcode utility for other formats
  • Basic auto file qc on incoming content
  • Visibility of content availability

Multi-Channel Playout Plateform

  • Based on Media-box hardware platform & Media.X (or any other third party software) as playout engine
  • Playout setup configured in 1+1 And N+m redundancy
  • Provided with requisite input / output monitoring
  • Supports secondary events from playlist (Logo, Ticker, Sub-title, GFX Templates) if required
  • Supports SD and HD playout with PCM audio

Cloud based Digital Publishing / OTT platform services

Planetcast International Pte Ltd provides studio-grade service for streaming media to reach audience of any size, on any device. We provide solutions for webcasting of events to global audiences with high-quality, custom-branded videos with no additional infrastructure.

In addition to this, we provide an outstanding OTT platform for efficient monetisation of your content. At Planetcast International Pte Ltd, we understand the shift in the consumption of video content and content delivery network. We provide state of the art OTT services which will enable maximum consumer engagement and thereby maximizing ROI for your business.

Our solutions are designed to support multiple formats and multi-devices. We aim to create ever-evolving products and collaborating with the right partners to maximise revenue and attract more customers.

We offer the following live digital TV Services as a package:

  • Receive live TV feed
  • Ad insertion (cue-tone required)
  • Graphic overlaying
  • Addition of special animations like countdown event timer
  • Logo insertion
  • Removal & swapping of audio tracks
  • 5.1 processing (down-mix)
  • SD / HD (up/down/cross conversion)
  • Audio levelling & video legalizing
  • Multi-format & multi-bitrate feed packaging
  • Time delay
  • Delivery to CDN
  • VoD
  • Media market place
  • Delivery and publishing of various media formats.

Playout & Asset Mgmt. AUTOMATION

  • Playout Automation based on well tested Media.X (or any other third party software) as a multichannel engine.
  • More than 50 general and 5 news channels are running on the same automation
  • Awarded the Most Innovative Work Flow Automation by Bes® At NAB 2012
  • Media Asset Management Tool uses the same engine that is being used for Star, Disney, UTV, Reliance, Sony GEC channels.
  • All automation back by the developer team of software engineers
  • Need-based customization within lowest turn-around-time

Cloud Broadcasting

  • ADORE offers broadcasters a new way of bringing TV signals from play-out locations to head-ends in either DVB-ASI or MPEG-TS over IP
  • Our deployed proprietary technology transmitters and receivers use the existing Internet infrastructure and an optimized communication protocol to distribute the TV channels worldwide
  • Contents are distributed on demand and in encrypted form and can only be decrypted by the receiver that has requested the stream